Trivandrum Oncology Club

Trivandrum Oncology Club is an Association of Practising Oncologists of South Indian State, Kerala. The group have more than 100 Oncologists as members. The club conducts various activities which include cancer awareness programmes for public, continuing medical education conferences for doctors treating cancer patients and charity programmes for financially backward cancer patients. The club conducts annual International CME, Titled “Trivandrum Cancer Congress” on various topics related to treatment of various Cancers.

The club was started under the able leadership of Prof. M.Krishnan Nair, who is one of the starwarts in cancer Treatment and founder Director of Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala.


  • To exchange and update knowledge of doctors working in the field of Oncology.
  • To promote awareness among public about cancer and it’s treatment.
  • To disseminate knowledge about cancer, it’s prevention and it’s management at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • To conduct anti-cancer activities in the region, alone and in collaboration with other institutes and organizations.
  • To facilitate the promotion of Oncology as a super specialty in Kerala.
  • To promote research in Oncology.
  • To help cancer victims in treatment and rehabilitation.

Regular meeting

Association conducts regular meetings on fourth thursday of every month. Meetings will be attended by practicing oncologists and post-graduate trainees in oncology. The meeting will include an invited lecture by a practicing oncologist (members of the club or guests) followed by journal discussions and case presentations by oncologists and post graduate students.

Special meetings

In additional club organizes special meetings which are often based on single theme; about a particular type of cancer. The invited faculty usually are a National or International cancer expert.


Includes practicing oncologists ( in all disciples of oncology including medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology and supporting specialties like radio diagnosis, pathology, community oncology and palliative oncology) in Trivandrum.