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Initiation of 'Kids Can' Project

Kids Can', an exceptional project, that aims at creating an awareness about Cancer - one of the greatest threats to human life, it's causes, symptoms, preventive measures, treatment and diagnostic advancements was flagged off on 7th August, 2023, at Saraswathi Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, Vattiyoorkavu, by the joint efforts of the Kerala Association of Surgical Oncology (KASO), Swasthi Foundation and Saraswathi Group of Institutions.

As the first step of the 'Kids Can' Project, an extensive awareness session was conducted at Saraswathi Vidyalaya. The session was undertaken by the core team members of the 'Kids Can' Project, Dr. Babu Mathew, (Retd. Professor Community Oncology, RCC, Tvm), Dr.Chandramohan K. ( Additional Professor Surgical Oncology, RCC, Tvm) and Dr. Deepa SusanJoy Philip ( Assistant Professor Medical Oncology, RCC, Tvm).

Dr. Babu Mathew, in his inspiring interaction with the students, highlighted the various types of Cancers that are commonly prevalent, along with their respective preventive measures and the significance of early detection. He also laid emphasis on how dietary changes can help in reducing or avoiding Cancer. Dr. Chandramohan K. gave an in-depth understanding on how creating mass awareness, about different aspects of Cancer, can bring down its incidence in future. He laid stress on how following consistent exercise routines and inculcating healthy lifestyle choices can contribute in eradicating the disease. Dr.Deepa Susan Joy Philip gave the students an insight into the latest advancements madein the field of Cancer diagnosis and treatment. She prioritised on how spreading awareness on timely diagnosis, preventive actions and choices, among common people can lead to saving lives. In the introductory speech, Dr. Devi Mohan, Vice Chairperson ,Saraswathi Vidyalaya accentuated the fact that the role played by young students, in the fight against Cancer, is ofgreat importance and is the need of the hour. She gave prominence to the concept thatstudents, actively participating, as ambassadors of Cancer awareness, will result in bringing about a positive shift in the existing crusade against Cancer

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