Saturday, 26 November 2022
Hotel O by Tamara,Trivandrum

Prof. M Krishnan Nair Memorial Oration

26 Nov 2022, 7pm – Main Hall, Hotel O by Tamara, Trivandrum.


Introduction:- The first ever Prof. M Krishnan Nair Memorial Oration, took off to a rousing start, at the inaugural function held at Hotel O by Tamara, on the 26th of Nov 2022. The orations and the subsequent award was instituted by Trivandrum Oncology Club, in memory of it founder president Late Padmasree Prof. M Krishnan Nair. Prof. M Krishnan Nair is undoubtedly one of the luminaries in the field of Oncology, under whose giant shadow the field of cancer care in Kerala achieved its current status of national recognition. The primary force behind bringing a Regional Cancer Centre to Trivandrum, he was one of the most recognized faces of Oncology in Kerala and perhaps the entire nation. Incidentally, his was the brain behind the institution of the Trivandrum Oncology Club (TOC), and was it founder president. The Club has hence made considerable contribution toward cancer care in Kerala and has earned itself the reputation of the premier association of Oncologists in the state of Kerala,


TOC a bit of history: - TOC came into existence in 2012, one of the earliest associations of Oncologists I Kerala. It today boasts of membership in excess of one hundred cancer specialist, practicing in almost all realms of cancer. This also includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologist all the various by lanes of oncology.  The activities of the club includes regular monthly meetings to discuss the latest updates and new findings in oncology and the means of incorporating it into regular practice, cancer literacy programmes for public, continuing medical education conferences for doctors treating cancer, free public screenings at local for early detection enabling easy access to the public and thus enabling better chance of cure for patients and charity programmes for financially backward cancer patients. TOC has associated with various well known organizations for this purpose with hugely beneficial outcomes. TOC functions with specific and avowed objectives that are listed below

  • To exchange and update knowledge of doctors working in the field of Oncology.
  • To promote awareness among public about cancer and its treatment.
  • To disseminate knowledge about cancer, it’s prevention and it’s management at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • To conduct anti-cancer activities in the region, alone and in collaboration with other institutes and organizations.
  • To facilitate the promotion of Oncology as a super specialty in Kerala.
  • To promote research in Oncology.
  • To help cancer victims in treatment and rehabilitation

The planned annual international Prof. M Krishnan Nair Memorial Oration and quarterly CMEs, along with the monthly meetings are the key activities toward the achievement of these objectives.

A few word about our founder president.


Prof M Krishnan Nair: - “Cancer is a socio-economic disease. It is a disease that come with the social and economic progress of a society” Dr Krishnan Nair RCC founder director’s speech on Manorama News. Perhaps one of the most converse statements, but as time has proven one of the most accurate one. Padmasree Prof. Dr. M Krishnan Nair is the giant, under whose shadow the field of cancer care sprouted and grew to its current stature in Kerala.

Born in Trivandrum in 1939 to Madhavan Nair and Meenakshi Amma, he earned his medical degree from Kerala University, MD from University of Punjab and FRCR from Royal College of Radiologists in London. His is career that can fit into the annals of any library of professional greats.

  • Founder Director of RCC  one of the largest comprehensive cancer centres in India which incidentally initiated programmes in Community Oncology, Pain and Palliative Care, and Paediatric Oncology for the first time ever in India
  • Expert member of National Cancer Control Plan of India and served the World Health Organization (WHO) for more than a decade in their Expert Advisory Panel on Cancer - the only member from India on the Advisory Committee of the Director General, WHO and Cancer Technical Group (CTG)
  • Implemented of a 10-Year Action Plan for Kerala to reduce tobacco consumption, enhanced methods for early detection, better therapy facilities, and palliative and pain relief to substantial sections of dying cancer patients.
  • President, Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Indian Council of Medical Research, and Member of the Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology of the Department of Atomic Energy of India.

These are but a few feather that adorned the crown of this stalwart physician, medical visionary an astute humanist. It is only fitting that an annual international Subject Matter Oration be named after him. Especially one instituted by the organization he was a key to founding-TOC.


The Evening of the inauguration: - Hotel O by Tamara proved to be the ideal venue for the launch of this Oration and the ambiance fitted in perfectly with the professional nature of the gathering. On the podium were some of the best Onco professional, not just from India but representing the best in the world. This was also an evening to commemorate and applaud the efforts and contributions of some of the earliest pioneers in the field and to make a mention of their inputs.

Before the formal start of the event the primary LED screen showed Graphical Display of Photos & Videos related to TOC. The program took off to a formal start by 7.10pm with the arrival of the participant of prominence and the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.

The key participants were Dr V P Joy IAS, Chief Secretary of Kerala State Government, Padmasree Dr Rajendra Badwe, Director of Tata Memorial Institute who was the Guest of Honour and the Orator of the evening, Dr M V Pillai of Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia USA, the president of the evenings gathering, Dr Chandramohan, Secretary TOC and Dr Boben Thomas, Treasurer, TOC. In the gathering were Dr N Sreedeviamma, Dr K P Paulose. Dr K V Krishnadas, Dr T K Padmanabhan and Dr Babu Mathew, who were to be felicitated as the evening wore on.

Dr Boban Thomas, treasurer TOC, offered formal welcome to this elite gathering on behalf of TOC. He enumerated the activities of the club in various areas of cancer care and the joint association within and without the Onco circles in many programs. He also paid his respects and made clear his admiration for Padmasree M Krishnan Nair. His brief speech was followed by a brief Introductory Documentary on TOC and its various activities.

On screen, a short video on Dr M V Pillai was displayed prior to his presidential address. Dr M V Pillai from Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia USA, is a name that requires very little introduction to. Madhavan V. Pillai M.D ( Dr M.V.Pillai) is a Physician specialized in Internal Medicine ,Hematology and Medical Oncology ,triple board certified by the specialty divisions of American Board of Internal Medicine .( ABIM) is how his own Linked in profile describes him. One of the leading luminaries in Cancer Care, he is one of the rare professionals who have chosen to come back to his land of birth and deliver the fruits of his learning and vast experience.

Dr M V Pillai’s presidential address, as usual was one that was almost completely bereft of technical nuances and abundantly understandable to even those with absolutely no medical education. He indicated that Cancer Care without social intervention and enlightenment was of no long standing value and thus involvement of the open society was vital for long standing success. He indicated the need for enhanced cancer awareness among common people and pointed at the dangers lurking behind the alternates, at times chosen as curative methods like spiritual and religious cures. Dr M V Pillai also did not forget to make a mention of the contributions of Prof M Krishnan Nair and express his admiration for the activities of TOC.

This was followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and formal inauguration of the evenings functions. On stage lighting the lamp were Dr V P Joy IAS, Padmasree Dr Rajendra Badwe, Dr M V Pillai, Dr Chandramohan and Dr Boben Thomas. Dr V P Joy IAS took over the platform with his inaugural address. He had words of appreciation and encouragement for the activities of TOC. He was also of the opinion regarding community involvement in cancer care and awareness and extended his whole hearted support and encouragement to the various causes of TOC and its multifarious cancer related activities.

The Guest of Honour for the evening, Dr Rajendra Badwe is undoubtedly one of the leading lights in the field of Cancer Care, not only in India but world over. As the Director of Tata Memorial Institute, his is one of the names that is synonymous with the standard of care in cancer, globally. He has been recognized world over and a short write up may not have adequate space to mention all those. A proud nation bestowed him with the Padmasree Award in the year 2013 and the medical community with the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award in the same year. The short video displayed on the screen was an attempt at displaying the achievements of this ultimate professional.

In his short speech and the presentation that followed, Dr Badwe held the medical professionals in the crowd in thrall by enlightening and adding to their ultimate professional pinnacle. His presentation was breathtaking and had at times a bend of true intellectually spiritual excellence. He also endorsed the view of Dr M V Pillai for curtailing the advent of religious quackery as an alternative to well researched medical cures, common in various part of India. With reliable statistic he also showed that when it comes to cancer, the gap between Urban, Semi Urban and Rural India has grown very noticeably narrow. This narrative on his research on core tumour cell’s reaction during the various stages of surgery left even the uninitiated wondering as to the true nature of life, and of cancer.

Post the presentation, he was draped with the traditional “ponnada”, handed the certificate and the memento. He was also given a gift by Mrs Vinya Boben, wife of Dr Boben Thomas.

It was then time for the various other celebrity doctors to be felicitated. Dr M V Pillai, Dr N Sreedeviamma, Dr K P Paulose. Dr K V Krishnadas, Dr T K Padmanabhan and Dr Babu Mathew were invited on the platform and felicitated, with short videos about them being displayed in the background. This was followed by a short photo session.

Thanks were in order and Dr Chandramohan, Gen Secretary of TOC came on stage to offer them. He expressed the sincerest of gratitude to the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, President of the meeting and the guest on special invite. He also extended thanks to all others who chose to light up the evening’s proceedings. He ensured that the annual oration will hence be an event to note every year going forward. Thus the curtains fell on an eventful and very satisfactory evening.

The crowd then stepped out to a sumptuous dinner before calling it a day.


Dr V P Joy IAS, Chief Secretary of Kerala Inauguration & Inaugural Address

Presidential address by  Prof Dr M V Pillai

Padmashri Dr Rajendra Badwe Director of Tata Memorial Hospital