Wednesday, 11 March 2020
Hotel SP Granddays

The TOC monthly meeting for March 2020 will be convened on the 11th at SP Granddays, Trivandrum. The meeting is jointly conducted by ASI and TOC. The guest speaker for the event is Shaila J. Merchant, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario  who will be presenting the topic "Gastric Cancer Disparities in Survival and Opportunities  for Collaboration".


Meeting Schedule






TOC -ASI Joined Meeting


7.30 pm- 7.45pm         Video Lecture OpenD2 Gastrectomy 

Arun Kumal ML

Sree Gokulam Medical College, Trivandrum

7.45 pm- 8.00pm        

Video Lecture Lap for  D2 Gastrectomy

Chandramohan K

Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum


Gastric Cancer ;Disparities in Survival and Opportunities  for Collaboration


Shaila J. Merchant

Assistant Professor Department of Surgery Queen’s University,

Kingston,  Ontario


Gastric Cancer Panel Discussion

Abdul Latheef , Shaila J. Merchant Arun Kumal ML , Chandramohan K



Dr Shaila J Merchant, Guest Speaker

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario