Monday, 27 May 2019
SP Granddays, Trivandrum

The TOC Meeting for the month of May was convened on the 27th at Hotel SP Granddays


7.30pm-8.00pm Recent advances in NHL management by Dr Rahul Nambiar ,Medical oncologist, Gokulum Medical College
8.00pm -8.15pm  Approaches for surgical biopsy of thoracic lesions by  Dr Fahad, RCC
 8.15pm- 8.45 pm. Panel Discussion “Carcinoma Larynx” Moderator : Shabna Ibrahim , Dep of Radiotherapy, RCC Panelist : Dr. Priya A (RCC), Dr.Bipin T Varghese ( RCC), Dr. Kainickal Cessal Thommachan (RCC)