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The TOC general body meeting for 2017 was convened on 15th November 2017 at SP Granddays.

Proceedings of GB of Trivandrum Oncology Club 15th Nov 2017, Hotel SP Grand Days Trivandrum

Meeting called to order by Dr. Ramachandran K, senior member selected by GB, in the absence of President and VicePresident.The. Chairman made references and the GB members observed silence, all members standing, as a mark of respect of the memory of the departed senior member Dr. Balaraman Nair. Chandramohan K (secretary )read out the reports. Madhu Muralee ( treasurer) presented audited reports, which was approved by GB.

Dr. Boben raised the issue of improving academic activity of Trivandrum oncology club. Many members seconded it. It was suggested and approved by GB that more academic meetings (aiming at PGs) other than monthly meetings should happen and even in monthly meeting, the emphasize should be given to interactive case discussions rather than topic Presentations. EC unanimously approved changing bylaws to allow members from related disciplines of oncology to become members.

The following members are elected unanimously for the EC.

President :Dr. Ramadas K

Vice Presidents :Dr.Jayaprakash Madhavan and Dr.Dr.KL Jayakumar

Secretary :Dr.Nebu Abraham George

Joint Secretaries : Dr.Cessal Kainickal, Dr.Cherian Thampy

Treasurer: Sumod Mathew Koshy

EC Members

Dr.Ramachandran K

Dr.Jayasree K

Dr.Boben Thomas

Dr.Babu Mathew

Dr.TK Padmanabhan

Dr.Mira wagh

The meeting adjourned by president.




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