1. To educate and create awareness regarding different aspects of Cancer.

2. To promote health education and to organize health camps, CMEs, discussions, seminars and publish on problems of community health especially on Cancer.

3. To disseminate scientific knowledge among the members of the society.

4. To conduct activities for the mental and social well being of patients and members of the society



Life Membership

1. Membership will be restricted to medical professionals who are primarily involved in cancer care (medical, surgical and radiation),)and allied specialties(pathology radiology ,nuclear medicine, palliative care ) and and all doctors mostly involved in cancer treatment ,care and research subject to approval by executive committee.

2. No person shall claim membership as a matter of right.

3. The secretary will admit a new member and membership is subjective to approval by EC.

4. The Executive Committee may decline to admit any person as a member of the Association without assigning any reason whatsoever.

5. The membership fees will be Rs. 2000/- (life time)

Associate Membership

1. Students doing postgraduation in specialties which are eligible for lifemembership will be honoured with associate membership. Upon completing the course they can become active members if interested.

2. For associate membership the fee is Rs. Rs.500 for Postgraduate students (the remaining amount has to be paid to become on active member if they wish so after comlpeting the course).

Honorary Member

1. Any distinguished individual whose membership will boost the pride of association shall be invited as Honorary Member. This will be decided by Executive committee and should be approved by General body. The honorary member will not be eligible for voting .The term of honorary member will be decided by general body.

2. The associate members /honorary members will not have voting rights in any of the proceedings nor eligible for becoming members of Excecutive Committee or Officebearers.

3. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon a notice in writing to the Committee through its Secretary

4. Any member upon a majority vote of all members of the society in good standing may be expelled from membership for any cause, which the society may deem reasonable.



1. TOC will meet once every month (or as decided by executive committee) for its academic activity The academic activity will consist of case presentation (preferably by post graduates) followed by topic presentation/discussions/debates/symposia either by a members or an invited speakers.

2. The society also will have social meetings/events with the approval of EC

3. It is the responsibility of all members to make every meeting of TOC a success by their presence.



The office bearers consists of

1. President

2. Vice President (2)

3. Secretary

4. Joint Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Executive board committee members – 6 nos

The duration of the office term will be 2 years; following which a election will be held and new office bearers will be elected.