Saturday, 27 November 2021
Hotel O by Tamara

Breast Cancer Meeting

27 Nov 2022

Organized by Trivandrum Oncology Club

 Hotel O by Tamara

Program led by Dr Geetha Kadayaprath, Max Healthcare, New Delhi

The program kick off at 9.15am with the welcome speech of Dr Babu Mathew, RCC

(Ret’d).He invited Dr Geetha Kadyaprath to deliver her initial presentation of the day,

to be followed presentation by various presentations by specialist from the various

areas of interest in Breast Cancer Treatment.

Dr Kadayaprath’s presentation, the keynote address of the day’s program and

centrepiece of discussion. Titled “Breast Conservation Surgery – Balancing

Oncology and cosmesis” called for a judicious balance from both the sides of the

balance. However she insisted on the need for Oncology taking precedence and

being the guiding principle, with cosmesis taking the path of safety ahead of

appearance. This was a view point that found eager takers in the largely professional

gathering and reflected in many of the presentations that followed. The half an hour

presentation was set the standards and tone of the days proceeding, by and large.

It was then the time for the Dr Rexeena Bhargavan to present the latest advances in

Breast Cancer Surgery. From the folds of Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum Dr

Rexene’s presentation was a mix of imagery and analytical statistics of the progress

and effectiveness of the newest in Breast Cancer Surgery.

After a ten minute break for coffee and biscuits the radiologist took over the platform

to air his point of view on radiotherapy and what is new in it. He gave very detailed

explanations on the radiologist’s methodology pre and post-surgery. Where the

radiologist signs off and hands over the patient to the surgeon is of vital importance

in the eventual outcome, as he rightly pointed out in his presentation. He expressed

the effectiveness and failings of radiology in Breast Cancer Treatment.

Following this was the presentations of Dr Roma P Joseph, RCC, Trivandrum, on the

topic “Adjuvant systemic treatment for Breast Cancer. Where do we stand?” and that

of Dr P P Abdul Shahid, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum, who took the discussion forward

with his presentation on Optimising Neoadjuvant Therapy on HER2+ve Breast. Dr

Mintu Mathew, PRS Hospital, Trivandrum, presented the last specialist presentation

on “Prognostication of Early Breast Cancer, CanAssist Breast, The Indian


Dr Geetha Kadayaprath closed the presentations with the video and slide

presentation on “Access ports for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy,” before the final

panel discussion. The panel discussion had in attendance Dr Ansar P P, Dr Bharath

Veerabhadran, Dr Grace Shrilly, Dr. Rajitha L, Dr Amritha Rao, Dr Gayathri Gopan.

The very interesting discussion under the mentorship of Dr Geetha Kadayaprath end

with Dr Boban Thomas proposing the vote of thanks. The meeting closed with the