Saturday, 20 August 2022
Hotel SP Granddays

 Symposium on lung cancer

20th August 2022 at SP Granddays


The Symposium on lung cancer was held on 20th August 2022 at SP Granddays

Trivandrum in the conference. Dr.Tina Bharadwaj , Molecular biologist from

Gurugram spoke about Histology to Molecular biology. Minimally invasive diagnostic

techniques had presented by Interventional Pulmonologist Dr.Ajay Ravi KIMS TVM. 

Surgical oncologist Dr.Saravana Rajamanikam had presented topic Minimally

Invasive Surgery. Dr. Anoop TM, Medical Oncologist ,RCC dealt with Targeting the

Common Mutations - What's new in Anti EGFR Therapy. Targeting the Rare

Mutations had presented by Dr. Boban Thomas who is a Medical Oncologist GG

Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, Caritas Hospital, Kottayam

Panel discussion about Management of Lung Cancer was moderated by Dr.Alagu

Ganesh.. Dr.Boban Thomas, Dr.Roshni. S, Dr.Anoop.TM , Dr.Saravana

Rajamanikam, Dr. Ajay Ravi, Dr Tina Bhardwaj were the panellist of the discussion.